April 20, 2023 // Music Biennale Zagreb

10–11 pm, Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb

At the 2023 MBZ, it will be presented works by several contemporary composers together with a shared electronic composition in three parts called MicroTape, an intermezzo or a common thread of a kind between several pieces by different composers. The program will also include a two first performances, a first performance of a new version of an existing composition, and a revised version of an already performed composition.


Francesco Filidei, Funerali dell’anarchico Serrantini, for six performers
Collettivo_21, MicroTape #1, electronics
Claudio Panariello, Private Journal of Dreams, for ensemble
Collettivo_21, MicroTape #2, electronics
Sara Stevanovic, The Poetic Carcass of an Almost but not Quite Shaped World*, for ensemble and electronics
Collettivo_21, MicroTape #3, electronics
Maurizio Azzan, Where the here and now of nowhere is**, for cello, ensemble and live electronics
Giulia Lorusso, Unspoken, for electric guitar solo
Frano Đurović, May happiness remain unbekdown to her who kisses his face*, for ensemble and electronics
Giulia Lorusso,  À fleur de peau, for electric guitar solo
Luca Guidarini, Holobiont***, for ensemble, live electronics and feedback system

* first performance – commissioned by the 32nd MBZ-HDS
**first performance of the new version of the composition
***2023 revised edition

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