December 6, 2016 // Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri

This is the Milanese debut of collettivo_21. Piacenza is home, but Milan is Milan: the most important cultural pole of attraction in northern Italy, especially for contemporary music, and a must for an emerging ensemble. The occasion, in this case, is the celebration (organized by the NoMus association and the Zuccheri family) of the figure of Marino Zuccheri, engineer of the RAI Phonology Studio, who in the sixties and seventies joined the greatest composers in the world in their discovery of the last frontiers of electronic music. The concert location is also prestigious: the Museo del Novecento in Milan, which represents the vocation of this city towards contemporary art.  

Milan, Museo del Novecento
L. Berio, Lied for clarinet
F. Donatoni, Clair for clarinet
G. Manzoni, Percorso i for saxophone
S. Sciarrino, Due Notturni Crudeli – II. Furia, Metallo for piano
F. Perotti, Mutazioni for ensemble
L. Ricci, Prima Collettiva for ensemble
L. Brignole, D’aria e di memoria for ensemble

Lorenzo Di Marco, Arianna Groppi and Comaci Boschi, flute
Lorenzo Moretto and Lorenzo Ricchelli, sax
Leonardo Zoncati and Miljan Minic, clarinet
Daniele Nava, piano
Federico Lisandria, guitar
Tommaso Franguelli, percussions
Luca Ricci, conductor