Inspired by “La Boutique del Mistero”, a collection of stories by Dino Buzzati of which in 2018 is 50th anniversary of its publication, “Dialogues from the Boutique” is a multimedia concert that combines acoustic music, electronics, movement and literature. Investigation of contemporaneity through issues current more than ever before, as the relationship with time, the need for a comparison with the other but also the great specter of loneliness, the dashed and dark world of Buzzati resurfaces before us readers and spectators to make us think, once again, on the relentless pace of life. “Dialogues from the Boutique” is finally this: a conversation between different arts and a meeting at four eyes with our shadows.

“Dialogues from the Boutique” is an excursus of contemporary music production: the works have been selected to outline the atmosphere of the original text conceived for the show. Acoustic pieces alternate with electronic pieces; the latter – all composed by Alessandro Baldessari, with the voice of the soprano Federica Pecorari – act as a fil rouge that links the selection interpreted by the collective ensemble_21 (flute, clarinet, piano, percussion). The musicians are also characters in a story that is told through the movement of Riccardo Buscarini, performer on stage – as well as through the projection of the text. The real protagonist of the show is therefore the music, in an extremely minimal setting, which has its strength in the wise use of lights.


Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – Mantra for voice and electronics
Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – E… for voice and electronics
Jean-Claude Risset (1938 – 2016) – Dialogues for flute, clarinet, piano, percussions and tape
Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – Alieno for electronics
Christophe Bertrand (1981 – 2010) – Virya for flute, clarinet, piano and percussions
Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – for electronics
Frederic Rzewski (1938) – Nefertiti for flute, piano and percussions
Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – Una goccia for voice and electronics
Robert Muczynski (1929 – 2010) – Duets for flute and clarinet
Toru Takemitsu (1990) – Crosshatch for piano and percussions
Alessandro Baldessari (1990) – La foresta for electronics
Thomas Adès (1971) – Darkness Visible for piano


flute and piccolo, clarinet and bass clarinet
piano, percussions
electronics, dancer

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