Giulia Pastorino – Guitar

Giulia Pastorino, classical and electric guitar
She began her studies with M. Ivano Ponte at the Civica Scuola di Musica di Ovada and obtained her second level academic diploma under the guidance of M. Giuseppe Pepicelli at the Conservatorio G. Nicolini in Piacenza, combining guitar studies with composition (with maestros Riccardo Dapelo, Alberto Barbero and Stéphane Borrel) and teaching. She has attended masterclasses with maestros Aldo Minella, Marcin Dylla, Oscar Ghiglia, Arturo Tallini and Luca Nobis, Jesus Castro Balbi, Andrea Dieci; she participated in the Research-led Performance Workshop with Elena Casoli, Luk Vaes and Giacomo Baldelli; she took part in the Musiikin Aika Festival in Viitasaari 2019 for the improvisation workshop with John Butcher and in 2022 with Joëlle Léandre in the ambit of Foresty International Music Festival, and with Simone Baron for Conserere Residency. Active as a performer, improviser and instrumentalist (classical and electric guitar), she is among the founding members of the contemporary music ensemble Collettivo_21, founded in 2015 in Piacenza, with which she collaborates with several composers and performs in Italy and abroad (Concorto Film Festival 2017, PACTA SoundZone 2019, Musiikin Aika 2019, Incó_ntemporanea Festival 2019-2020, Crossroads Festival 2021, Music Biennale Zagreb 2023). In 2020 she starts the project Casa della Musica San Michele, of which she is founder and for which she organises artistic residencies, recordings and workshops with artists from all over the world. Also in 2020, she participates in Soundtracks 2020 for the soundtracks of several silent films also presented at the Festival della Filosofia in Modena: this is where her passion for audiovisuals and the new ensemble Effetto Brama come from, as well as new projects in collaboration with international realities (e.g. FilmsDance-USA). In 2021/23 she was engaged by the Teatro Sociale of Como for the production Opera Domani – Acquaprofonda by Giovanni Sollima and Giovanni De Cataldo.
From 2023 she plays in the Snowapple Collective and participates in the Jardin Rouge Festival 2023 in Paris.