June 30, July 22, August 24 & 28, 2021 // 4EST Suite

June 30, 2021 – Climate Space Festival, Melpignano, 11.00 pm (reservation required)
July 22, 2021 РSala della Magnifica Comunità di Cadore, Pieve di Cadore, 8.30 pm (reservation required)
August 24 – Concorto Film Festival, Parco Raggio, Pontenure, 8.30 pm (reservation required)
August 28 – Foresty International Music Festival, Casa della Musica San Michele, 9.00 pm (reservation required)

At the end of 2018, a terrible storm called “Vaia” hit the Dolomites, destroying millions of trees of ancient forests, natural and cultural heritage of the territory: from the forests of Cadore and Comelico comes the wood with which even Venice. The storm has also destroyed the “forest of violins”, a forest of spruces whose wood was used by Stradivarius. whose wood was used by Stradivari for his legendary instruments.

From this tragic event, which profoundly touches the values of which it is a constant spokesperson, Volvo Car Italia has taken the idea for an Art Commission, which has addressed to the young musicians of collettivo_21, a musical ensemble formed in Piacenza. They proposed “4EST Suite”, an original work by composer Alessandro Baldessari (production by Francesco Tagliaferri).

The musical track of 4EST Suite combines piano, violin, electronic music, sound design and sounds of the forest, accompanied by the narrative voice of the actress Zita Fusco, on the original texts by Erica Giopp. The performance, performed live by Baldessari himself at the sound sound direction and two musicians of the collettivo_21 (Eleonora Liuzzi on violin, Daniele Nava on piano) piano), explores the relationship between man and nature and issues related to the environment and sustainability, which have always been central to Volvo’s research. always central to Volvo’s research.

The work was performed in a closed-door concert at the Volvo Studio in Milan due to the pandemic. the pandemic: despite this, the musicians were able to perform the piece, together with composer composer Baldessari in streaming from England, filmed by director Vittorio Bongiorno. The result of this meeting of talents is a short film available in its original length of 27 minutes and in the form of a short film. original length of 27 minutes and in the form of a 6 minute soundtrack. The sound is the real protagonist of this “small film that you watch with your eyes, your ears, your heart.” – As said by director Bongiorno – “The story of “Vaia” is made of rustling, wind, strings and keys, heartbeats, distortions, sudden accelerations, devastation and then stillness.”

Through this original work, Volvo Car Italia intends to disseminate the core values of its research and its daily commitment, in the words of Chiara Angeli, Head of Commercial Operations of Volvo Car Italia: “The Art Commission 4EST Suite aims to raise awareness of the delicate issue of climate change. people about the sensitive issue of climate change. Volvo has always had at the center Volvo has always had at the center of its identity the attention to the environment and sustainability. we want to convey to people the values in which we believe and contribute to raising awareness to the issues that Volvo cares about.”

4EST Suite
A project by Alessandro Baldessari and collettivo_21, written and conceived by Alessandro Baldessari and performed by collettivo_21 and Baldessari.
A LDB Advertising production, Bologna
Directed by Vittorio Bongiorno
Music and Concept by Alessandro Baldessari
A project commissioned by Volvo Car Italia