March 11, 2019 // PactaSoundZone – Recycled Music

Collettivo_21 is invited to participate in PactaSoundZone, the experimental music season organised by Pacta Teatri in Milan. For this occasion, collettivo_21 teams up with Ensemble Collettivo Crisis, to explore the multi-faceted world of contemporary improvisation. The result is a moving experience where the many differents timbres of the ensemble, the electronics and a inspired scenography and light design come toghether to create a sonic world where the music elements combine and recombine in a challenging yet natural performance.

Milan, Pacta Teatri

Improvisation concert in collaboration with Collettivo CRISIS

Ensemble Collettivo CRISIS
Marco Bussi, live electronics
Pietro Frigato, e. guitar
Davide Rossato, percussions

Lorenzo Di Marco ad Gilberto Accurso, flute
Lorenzo Moretto, sax
Luca Ricci, organetto
Eleonora Liuzzi, violin
Giacomo Biagi, cello
Giulia Pastorino, e. guitar