May 13, 2017 // Collettivo_21+Tempus Fugit – Festival Incó_ntemporanea

The opening concert of the first edition of Incó_ntemporanea festival sees on stage a collaboration between collettivo_21 (which organises the Festival and presents itself here in a wind quintet formation) and Tempus Fugit, a percussion ensemble born within the walls of the Conservatory of Piacenza almost at the same time as collettivo_21. The concert is a public success and a declaration of intent of the ensemble: the average age of the audience is very young and the tone is absolutely informal, as if to reiterate that contemporary music does not belong only to a niche. In fact, the concert ends with a memorable party that continues late into the night, with street food and beer trucks.

Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, Piacenza

Luca Brignole, Bagatella
Giovanni Sollima, Milennium Bug
Robert Muczynski, Duos
Paul Smadbeck, Rhytm Song
Gyorgy Ligeti, Six bagatelles

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Miljan Minic, clarinet
Carlo Gandolfi, oboe
Enrico Bertoli, bassoon
Giorgio Strinati, horn
Lorenzo Moretto, sax

Tempus Fugit percussion ensemble
Simone Allegri
Yunshang Bao
Federico Cutolo
Tommaso Franguelli