November 10, 2018 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival – Coming Soon

Incó_ntemporanea festival brings contemporary music to unexpected places. On this occasion, the setting is that of the Council Chamber of the Province of Piacenza: the audience is arranged around the ensemble and seated in the councilors’ seats. Collettivo_21 proposes here, in a lecture-concert, a preview of a large recording project planned for the following spring – and destined to fail due to production problems. The variety of this programme is left to witness the ambition of this unfinished project.

Piacenza, Sala Consiliare della Provincia

E. Carter, Woodwind Quintet
F. Rzewski, Pocket Symphony
M. Thorke, Telephone Book
M. Arnold, Three Shanties
P. Bimstein, Casino

Lorenzo Di Marco and Summer Collision, flute
Miljan Minic and Emanuele Giarrusso, clarinet
Enrico Bertoli, bassoon
Stefano Laluce, horn
Luca Etzi, oboe
Eleonora Liuzzi, violin
Simone Ceppetelli, cello
Chiara Volpes, piano
Antonio Magnatta, percussions
Francesco Tagliaferri, conductor