November 24, 2018 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival – Dialoghi dalla Boutique

Collettivo_21 returns to Teatro Municipale of Piacenza, this time in the concert season and with an original show, realized in collaboration with the composer Alessandro Baldessari and the dancer and choreographer Riccardo Buscarini. The show is a musical and scenic reading of the collection of short stories “La boutique del mistero” by Dino Buzzati, published exactly fifty years earlier.

Piacenza, Teatro Municipale

A. Baldessari,  Mantra for voice and electronics
A. Baldessari, E… for voice and electronics
J.C. Risset, Dialogues for flute, clarinet, piano, percussions and tape
A. Baldessari, Alieno for electronics
C. Bertrand, Virya for flute, clarinet, piano and percussions
A. Baldessari, for electronics
F. Rzewski, Nefertiti for flute, piano and percussions
A. Baldessari, Una goccia for voice and electronics
R. Muczynski, Duets for flute and clarinet
T. Takemitsu, Crosshatch for piano and percussions
A. Baldessari, La foresta for electronics
T. Adès, Darknesse Visible for piano

Riccardo Buscarini, dancer and choreographer
Alessandro Baldessari, composer and electronics

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Miljan Minic, clarinet
Daniele Nava and Chiara Volpes, piano
Riina Fukuda, percussions