October 13, 2018 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival – Giovanni Sollima+Collettivo_21

While the first edition of Incó_ntemporanea festival had hosted the American composer Frederic Rzewski, the second one gave way to one of the most interesting and volcanic composers and performers of the Italian music scene: the cellist and composer Giovanni Sollima. On this occasion, the guest performed together with the ensemble in an explosive and extremely involving concert, entirely dedicated to his music. The performance aroused the enthusiasm of about three hundred spectators present in the hall: someone even danced under the stage!

Piacenza, Conservatory Hall

G. Sollima, Concerto Rotondo for cello
G. Sollima, Subsongs for piano 4 hands and percussion
G. Sollima, Short Trio Stories for flute, cello and piano
G. Sollima, Intersong II for violin, flute, cello and piano 4 hands
F. Zappa/L. Moretto, Wild Love for violin, flute, cello, piano, drums

Giovanni Sollima, cello

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Eleonora Liuzzi, violin
Daniele Nava and Chiara Volpes, piano
Antonio Magnatta, percussions