July 6 and 7 2019 // Time of Music Festival

Collettivo_21 takes its first international trip to Finland, to participate in Musiikin Aika summer course with flutist Camilla Hoitenga, composer Kaja Saariaho and saxophonist John Butcher. The unforgettable experience of playing in such a historic festival hosted in the small village of Viitasaari granted the ensemble – alongside memorable moments to remember – the possibility of expand its vision on contemporary music and to compare themselves with other performers and composers from all over the world.

Viitasaari, Finland

K. Saariaho, Cendres for flute, cello and piano
G. Colombo Taccani, Ocra rossa for flute, cello and piano

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Nicolò Neri, cello
Daniele Nava, piano