May 30, 2021 // Modena, Teatro Tempio – F__eP__oE__s

Teatro Tempio, Viale Caduti in Guerra 196, Modena
7.30 pm, reservetion required at

F__eP__oE__s is a project that aims to promote a contemporary production that contemplates an extended vision of the timbre and instrumental possibilities of the flute and piano duo, with the implementation of electronics. This project is based on the concept of electronics not as an addition or ornament, but as an integral part of the proposed programme, which is therefore configured as a true trio, in which the three instruments interface as equals, generating through their combinations a change of perspective on the use of the instruments themselves.

An integral part of the programme is the presentation of two pieces (Still Life – electric matter with living flesh and Micro Moments V) written especially for the project by two young composers: Luca Guidarini and Arshia Samsaminia. Both the Italian and Iranian composers, despite their different approaches to compositional practice, create scores that challenge the traditional vision of the instrumental ensemble, expanding its timbral possibilities both through the extension of the technical-executive language – which directly affects the compositional one – and through the organological- instrumental expansion of the means employed.

The programme also includes pieces in which one of the two acoustic instruments is left alone to dialogue with the electronics; the first of these two pieces is West Pole by Panayiotis Kokoras; the piece gives a dual role to the performer, that of pianist and percussionist, whose limits are blurred by being a single perfomer. As a result, the piano is rather approached as a percussion instrument, with passages played with various sticks but also on the keyboard, with virtuoso gestures that dialogue with the electronic part.The second piece for duo is [p][t][k] by Diana Soh for piccolo and electronics, where the instrumental possibilities of the two instruments are emphasised by the electronic medium in their spatial, timbral and morphological qualities; it is a percussive piece, with delicate activities and the instrumental writing is developed with the use of many vocalisations and percussive pronouncements, resulting in an instrumental writing (in some parts of the piece) that is neither vocal nor instrumental, but somewhere in between. Coalescing (Flutescape III) by Elise Roy, on the other hand, is a piece in which the trio performs as a whole, and where the ethereal nature of processed flute sounds is devoid of their source and manipulated in space. The pieces are performed seamlessly, interspersed with acousmatic and electronic interventions, the Electronic Studies created by Daniele Ghisi.


Arshia Sansaminia, Micro Moments V*, for flute, piano and electronics, 2021
Daniele Ghisi, Electronics Studies – Clapping per elettronica, 2017-…
Panayiotis Kokoras, West Pole for piano and electronics, 2009
Daniele Ghisi, Electronics Studies – Glissando per elettronica, 2017-…
Élise Roy, Coalescing (Flutescape III,) for flute, piano and electronics, 2013
Daniele Ghisi, Electronics Studies – Money Notes per elettronica, 2017-…
Diana Soh, [p][t][k], for piccolo and electronics, 2011-2012
Daniele Ghisi, Electronics Studies – Goodbye per elettronica, 2017-…
Luca Guidarini, Still Life – electric matter with living flesh*, for flute, piano and electronics, 2021
Daniele Ghisi, Electronics Studies – Gute Nacht per elettronica, 2017-…

*commissioned by Collettivo_21

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute and piccolo
Daniele Nava, piano
Luca Guidarini, live electronics