Daniele Nava – Piano

Born in 1990, he completed his studies at the “G. Nicolini” Conservatory in Piacenza, where he obtained a two-year specialist course in piano with M° Guido Scano and chamber music with M° Marco Decimo (110L).  

He followed the Masterclasses with Andrzej Jasiński, Natalia Trull, Alexandre Hintchev, Pietro De Maria, Ramin Bahrami, Davide Cabassi, Anton Dressler (chamber music), Avi Avital (chamber music), Prisca Benoit (piano duo), Lorenzo Coppola (chamber music), Riccardo Dapelo, Walter Prati and Gianpaolo Antongirolami (improvisation).

He also studied Foreign Languages and Literature at the State University of Milan, where he obtained a three-year degree.
He has to his credit numerous performances in public both as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles, performing in the most varied musical fields and contexts in Piacenza, northern Italy and Europe. He performs in various concert halls and theatres such as the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza, the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the concert halls of the conservatories of Piacenza, Parma, Brescia, Novara, and others.

He is one of the founders of the ensemble of contemporary music Collettivo_21 with which he has performed on several occasions (“Concorto Opening Party” at the Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, the Festival “Guitars in Piacenza”, the “Val Tidone Festival”, the “Marino Zuccheri” at the “Ghizzoni Nasalli Palace”.
museum of the 20th century in Milan, the “Contrasti” festival in Trento, the “Primavera di Baggio” season in Milan and others) and collaborated with musicians and composers such as Frederic Rzewski, Umberto Petrin, Marco Domenichetti and Giovanni Sollima.

Together with Davide Cabassi he organizes the “Incontri Contemporanei” at the MagazzinoMusica in Milan thanks to which he has the opportunity to perform and deepen the repertoire of composers such as Ivan Fedele, Mauro Montalbetti, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Paolo Arcà, Irlando Danieli and Fabio Vacchi. 

He is also organizer of the contemporary music festival “Incò_ntemporanea” in Piacenza, in which he also participates as a performer (2017, 2018, 2019 editions).
For several years now, the executive activity has been flanked by the didactic one, thanks also to the experience acquired through specialization courses and masterclasses (M° Claudia Mattiotto – Dalcroze Method; M° Giuseppe Pepicelli – Practice of the Feldenkrais Method; M° Patrizia Angeloni – Propaedeutic Didactics Training Course, M° Björn Roslund – Ear Training).

In the years 2016-2018 he teaches piano at the Accademia Musicale Italiana di Monza, at the music school Mikrokosmos si Piacenza, theory and solfeggio at the laboratories of the Conservatory G. Nicolini.
In 2017 he collaborates as a teacher in the chamber music masterclass organized annually by the Trio Pakosky in Piacenza. 
In 2019 he teaches Music at the I.C.S.S. M. Gandhi of Trezzano Rosa (MI).
In 2020 he taught Teniche di Accompagnamento alla Danza at the Tito Livio High School in Milan.