June 17, 2017 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival – Concert for Frederic Rzewski

Since their first concert, collettivo_21 showes a particular interest in the music of Frederic Rzewski; an interest that changes into real affection when the American composer agrees to come to Piacenza for the first edition of Incó_ntemporanea fetival. After an open lesson and a day of rehearsals, the ensemble pays homage to him with a monographic concert, which he welcomes with great enthusiasm: one year later he will dedicate to collettivo_21 his “Nefertiti”, for flute, piano and percussion. A little curiosity: due to an organizational problem, the concert of collettivo_21 overlaps with a date of the festival Nuove Musiche a Piacenza, where the saxophonist Evan Parker was a guest. A possible hiccup turns into an unforgettable occasion: at the end of the double concert, the two masters, who hadn’t met for many years, continue the evening together with the other musicians at the nearby Dubliner’s Irish Pub, where they will take some photos destined to remain in the annals of the Piacenza music scene.

Piacenza, Conservatory Hall

F. Rzewski, Main Drag for ensemble
F. Rzewski, Hard Cuts for ensemble
F. Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge for ensemble
F. Rzewski, Spots for wind quartet

Giulia Pastorino, conductor
Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Emilia Mulas and Emanuele Giarrusso, clarinet
Lorenzo Moretto and Fruzsina Laszlo, sax
Marco Decimo, cello
Daniele Nava and Chiara Volpes, piano
Federco Lisandria guitar
Tommaso Franguelli, percussions