Lorenzo Di Marco – Flute

He graduated with full marks at the Conservatory “G. Nicolini” in Piacenza with Vincenzo Gallo and Stefano Maffizzoni (respectively, Bachelor and Master in flute). In 2017 he obtained the Chamber Music Master (110 cum laude) under the guidance of  Marco Decimo. He also studied at the Jazz Centre of Turin and attended flute masterclasses with Francesco Loi, Paolo Taballione, Barthold Kuijken, Daniele Ruggieri, Chiara Tonelli, Manuel Granatiero, Mattia Petrilli; chamber and orchestral music masterclasses with Lorenzo Coppola, Hans-Jorg Schellenberger, Yaron Rosenthal, Johan de Meij and Camilla Hoitenga. He is currently perfecting with Mattia Petrilli.

Awarded in several chamber music competitions, he wins and receives a special mention for the high level of performance at the Scholarship Competition of the Rotary Club Piacenza Farnese.

He performs in various concert halls and theatres such as the theatre of Caorso, the “Fraschini” theatre of Pavia, the Verdi Hall in Milan, the Litta Theatre in Milan, the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza, the Municipal Theatre of Ferrara, the “Alighieri” theatre of Ravenna, the Municipal Theatre of Bologna, the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the “Verdi” theatre in Castel San Giovanni, the “Verdi” theatre in Busseto, the municipal theatre in Moncalvo, the “Pollini” auditorium in Padua, the “Teatini” hall in Piacenza, the concert halls of the conservatories of Piacenza, Parma and Novara, and others.

He also performs under the direction of Roberto Tolomelli, Camillo Mozzoni, Corrado Casati, Marco Beretta, Massimiliano Caldi, Johan de Meij and Hans-Jorg Schellenberger. 

He plays the role of first and second flute in the orchestra “Amilcare Zanella” and the 15Orchestra Sinfonica di Piacenza in the opera seasons of Piacenza and Busseto.

Since 2015 he is invited to play for the premieres of new operas at the Teatro Municipale di Piacenza (“Notte per me luminosa” by Marco Betta, “Riccioli d’oro e i tre orsi” and “Cappuccetto Rosso” by Stefano Guagnini”).

He performs with the Divertimento Ensemble in Milan and Moncalvo in the series Rondò 2019.

He is one of the founders of the contemporary music ensemble Collettivo_21 with which he has performed on several occasions (“Concorto Opening Party” at the Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, the Festival “Chitarre a Piacenza”, the festival “filmONfilm 35mmExtravaganza”, the “Val Tidone Festival”, the exhibition “Marino Zuccheri” at the museum of the twentieth century in Milan, the festival “Contrasti” in Trento, the review “PactaSoundZone” in Milan, the season “Primavera di Baggio” in Milan, the Festival “Time of Music” in Viitasaari and others), live on radio within the program “Piazza Verdi” broadcast by RAI Radio3 and collaborated with musicians and composers such as Frederic Rzewski, Umberto Petrin, Marco Domenichetti, Maurizio Pisati, Davide Cabassi and Giovanni Sollima.

He also collaborates with the contemporary music ensemble “Ensemble Collettivo CRISIS” of Rovigo and ranges from the historical contemporary repertoire to the more recent one without neglecting the practice of improvisation, the extemporaneous sonorization of silent films, the “contamination” of genres and the interaction between different performing arts such as dance, acting and audiovisual techniques. 

He is also organizer of the contemporary music festival “Incò_ntemporanea” in Piacenza.

Since 2015 he has been flute teacher at the “Laboratory of music initiation” at the middle school “G. Nicolini” in Piacenza, and flute teacher at the music school Mikrokosmos in Piacenza.

Since 2015 he collaborates as a teacher in the chamber music masterclass organized annually by the Trio Pakosky in Piacenza. 

Since 2018 he is flute teacher in the project “Da una nota all’Orchestra” at the primary school “2 Giugno” in Piacenza.