September 28, 2019 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival – Hello Millenials!

The second day of the 2019 Incó_ntemporanea festival is articulated in a conference, a round table and a multimedia concert, and clearly focuses on the importance of the audiovisual, multimedia or, more generally, dramaturgical approach in the most recent musical practices.

In fact, two pieces by the German author Alexander Schubert, active in Hamburg, who has made multimedia one of the fundamental traits of his poetics, are performed – both as Italian premieres. In the first piece, “Hello” (2014) for ensemble, live-electronics and video, the author proposes a score conceptually generated by the projection itself, in which the dialectical relationship between the rhythm of the video and the gestural rhythm of the instruments assumes a central role in the formal distribution. In the second piece, “Scanners II” (2016), placed at the end of the program, the ensemble becomes a real ‘machine’: the acoustic sounds of the string quintet play in counterpoint with the electronic track, generating a complex audiovisual perspective, in which the gestural elegance is contrasted by robotic movements, lightning design and techno-morphic scenarios.

“Cendres” (1998) by Kaija Saariaho – composer wich the ensemble met and worked with in Viitasaari – is a chamber piece for flute, cello and piano with a spectralist influence, and actually presents, in its accentuated expressiveness, a strong dramaturgical component. The Finnish composer seeks a dialectic relationship between two opposites: the fusion of the individual sounds of the instruments and the expression of the idiomatic potential of each.

Completing the program “Negative 1.2”. (2019) by the young composer (and artistic director of the festival) Luca Guidarini, presented here as premiere.

This event constitutes a watershed in the artistic research of the ensemble, which from this moment on begins to intensify the use of electronics and the attendance of the most avant-garde trends on the European scene.

Piacenza, Conservatory Hall

A. Schubert, Hello 2.0 (Evy Schubert version) for ensemble, eletronics and video
K. Saariaho, Cendres for flute, cello and piano
L. Guidarini, Negativo 1.2 for cello and electronics
A. Schubert, Scanners for ensemble and electronics

Lorenzo Di Marco, flute
Eleonora and Clara Foglia, violin
Lorenzo Novelli and Yana Prakudovic, viola
Francesco Dallalibera, cello
Giulia Pastorio, e. guitar
Daniele Nava, piano
Antonio Magnatta, percussions
Luca Guidarini, electronics