October 9, 2020 // Incó_ntemporanea Festival

Volumnia, Ex Chiesa di S. Agostino, Stradone Farnese 33, Piacenza
9.00 pm (entrance 8.45 pm)

Free entry to availability, reservations required.
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Every change requires consideration. For an ensemble as young as Collettivo_21, change is strongly conditioned by the professional and human affirmation of its members, who during these five years of activity have undertaken different paths of life and research. Thus, the solid group of colleagues who in 2015, within the walls of the Conservatory of Piacenza, founded Collettivo_21 is today a liquid, dynamic and rich in internal currents that proceed in every direction. “In such a context, what role does Incó_ntemporanea festival play?”: this is the question that this concert wants to answer. While remaining firmly rooted in Piacenza, in fact, the festival is also subject to the powerful innovations of recent years. Incó_ntemporanea 2020 doesn’t only represent a nostalgia for a happy time in the musical life of a provincial city, but rather a real manifesto, a laboratory of experimentation for a group of artists, each enriched by their own experiences, who once a year meet to reiterate clearly the concept: contemporary music is alive and well and those who say the opposite lie, out of bad faith or ignorance. Simply, like every complex thing, it must be known, deepened, studied and enjoyed with an open mind and lively curiosity. For this reason, Collettivo_21 now concentrates on recent, often very recent pieces, which are not yet burdened by the weight of cultured critics: “Private Journal of Dreams” by Claudio Panariello and “Double Dose” by Luca Guidarini, both specially commissioned for this edition of the festival and therefore proposed as premieres are a good example of this new disposition. The other three proposals of the evening are also gems of recent formation: it sounds almost ridiculous to say that Marco Momi’s “Ludica II” (for sax, electric guitar, percussion, piano and electronics) is the most ‘ancient’ piece of the evening – considering that it dates back only to 2009! Of particular interest is the very original “[p] [t] [k]”, for piccolo and live electronics, by Singaporean composer Diana Soh, whose performance will coincide with the Italian premiere. To conclude the event, “À fleur de peau” by Giulia Lorusso, Roman composer born in 1990: an evocative piece for solo electric guitar that will perhaps surprise the public less accustomed to the contemporary repertoire for this instrument, so present in today’s musical world and yet still so rich in unexplored possibilities.

Lorenzo di Marco – piccolo and flute
Lorenzo Moretto – saxophone
Alessandro Mazzacane – cello
Daniele Nava – piano
Antonio Magnatta – percussions
Luca Guidarini – live electronics

Free entry to availability, reservations required.
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